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Male Power Honeycomb Mesh Jockstrap

Blue and Black - 88% Polyester 12% Spandex
The Honeycomb Jockstrap by Male Power is a stylish and unique jock that puts comfort first but with a touch of sexiness that you would expect from a Male Power creation.

The most notable feature is it's namesake, the unique honeycomb mesh fabric: On first glance, it looks like a honeycomb patterned mesh, and it is but upon closer inspection you'll find the holes of the honeycomb are filled with a fine black mesh so it is see-through but subtly so.

It has a generous cut pouch and the mesh fabric has an incredible four-way stretch so guys with more going on down there will love this jock.

Comfort is not just in the pouch. The two inch wide waistband is made of a super soft plushed elastic with just the right amount of tension and stretch as are the two 3/4 inch leg straps.

Between the striking contrasting blue and black honeycomb mesh of the pouch, the stylized M Power logo in blue and white against the black waistband and your big ol' bulge, this is one jock that is going to get you noticed.
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color: Ninja
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color: Blue Steel
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color: Blue
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