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Omtex Aqua Jockstrap Detail 1
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Omtex Aqua Jockstrap

Off-White - 95% cotton 5% lycra
The title "aqua" doesn't refer to the color of the jockstrap but the style as the narrow 1 1/4 inch waistband put's it into the swimmer jock category. Where it really starts getting interesting is the plushed elastic off-white waistband which includes a striking grey stripe running through it. Unique to the Aqua jockstrap is that it uses the same comfort stretch elastic for the leg straps. Finally, a single walled ultra-soft cotton pouch completes this stunning jockstrap.

With all the comfort features, this is a jock is more for everyday wear than for workouts, but is sure to become the favorite in your underwear drawer.

Please note:

Omtex has now added a small subtle square Omtex label to the front of these jockstraps. The current photos do not show this label but we will be producing and uploading new photos shortly.
12.95 USD now only $11.01 USD
*** this product is not eligible for further discount
color: Black
price: $28.95 $24.61 USD

color: Panther
price: $24.00 $19.20 USD

color: Grey
price: $9.95 $8.46 USD

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